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Two college roommates have 24 hours to make the ultimate choice as they finalize arrangements for a black market abortion.

Run time: 114m Tagline: At what moment do we begin to live? Release: 2007-08-24

Stars: Adi Cărăuleanu Alexandru Potocean Anamaria Marinca Cerasela Iosifescu Doru Ana Ion Sapdaru Laura Vasiliu Liliana Mocanu Luminița Gheorghiu Vlad Ivanov

This surreal Tamil entry tells the story of Rudran, who is abandoned as a child in India and grows up to be a mystic who indulges in strange rituals and believes that he has power over life, death and rebirth.

Run time: 150m Tagline: I am God Release: 2009-02-06

Stars: Aacharya Ravi Arya Azhagan Thamizhmani Krishnamoorthy Pooja Umashankar Rajendran Rasaiya Kannan Singampuli Thavasi

A well-off Indian family is paid an unexpected, and rather unwanted, visit by a man claiming to be the woman's long lost uncle. The initial suspicion with which they greet the man slowly dissolves as he regales them with stories of his travels, tales that are at odds with their conventional middle class perspective on the world.

Run time: 114m Release: 1991-05-07

Stars: Ajit Banerjee Bikram Bhattacharya Dhritiman Chatterjee Dipankar Dey Mamata Shankar Promode Ganguly Rabi Ghosh Sourav Banerjee Subrata Chatterjee Utpal Dutt

A female dancer becomes famous but loses her relationship with her daughter on the way.

Run time: 138m Release: 1994-11-18

Stars: Aparna Sen Chitra Sen Debashree Roy Dipankar Dey Prosenjit Chatterjee

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