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A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son's fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.

Run time: 94m Tagline: If it's in a word, or it's in a look, you can't get rid of the Babadook. Release: 2014-05-22

Stars: Adam Morgan Barbara West Benjamin Winspear Cathy Adamek Craig Behenna Daniel Henshall Essie Davis Hayley McElhinney Noah Wiseman Peta Shannon

When her husband's sex game goes wrong, Jessie (who is handcuffed to a bed in a remote lake house) faces warped visions, dark secrets and a dire choice.

Run time: 104m Tagline: Some games you play. Some you survive. Release: 2017-09-19

Stars: Adalyn Jones Bruce Greenwood Bryce Harper Carel Struycken Carla Gugino Chiara Aurelia Gwendolyn Mulamba Henry Thomas James Flanagan Kate Siegel

Five college friends spend the weekend at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods.

Run time: 95m Tagline: You think you know the story. Release: 2012-04-12

Stars: Amy Acker Anna Hutchison Bradley Whitford Brian J. White Chris Hemsworth Fran Kranz Jesse Williams Kristen Connolly Richard Jenkins Tim DeZarn

While alone in the house, a woman hears news of serial killer on the loose. And then a stranger rings the doorbell...

Run time: 100m Release: 1999-02-26

Stars: Manoj Bajpayee Sushant Singh Urmila Matondkar

A family is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound.

Run time: 91m Tagline: If they hear you, they hunt you. Release: 2018-04-03

Stars: Cade Woodward Doris McCarthy Emily Blunt Evangelina Cavoli Ezekiel Cavoli John Krasinski Leon Russom Millicent Simmonds Noah Jupe Rhoda Pell

After getting in a car accident, a woman is held in a shelter with two men, who claim the outside world is affected by a widespread chemical attack.

Run time: 104m Tagline: Monsters come in many forms. Release: 2016-03-10

Stars: Bradley Cooper Douglas M. Griffin Frank Mottek John Gallagher Jr. John Goodman Mary Elizabeth Winstead Sumalee Montano Suzanne Cryer

When larcenous real estate clerk Marion Crane goes on the lam with a wad of cash and hopes of starting a new life, she ends up at the notorious Bates Motel, where manager Norman Bates cares for his housebound mother. The place seems quirky, but fine… until Marion decides to take a shower.

Run time: 109m Tagline: A new—and altogether different—screen excitement! Release: 1960-06-22

Stars: Anthony Perkins Frank Albertson Janet Leigh John Gavin John McIntire Martin Balsam Patricia Hitchcock Simon Oakland Vaughn Taylor Vera Miles

Clarice Starling is a top student at the FBI's training academy. Jack Crawford wants Clarice to interview Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant psychiatrist who is also a violent psychopath, serving life behind bars for various acts of murder and cannibalism. Crawford believes that Lecter may have insight into a case and that Starling, as an attractive young woman, may be just the bait to draw him out.

Run time: 119m Tagline: To enter the mind of a killer she must challenge the mind of a madman. Release: 1991-02-01

Stars: Anthony Heald Anthony Hopkins Brooke Smith Diane Baker Frankie Faison Jodie Foster Kasi Lemmons Scott Glenn Ted Levine Tracey Walter

Sweethearts Brad and Janet, stuck with a flat tire during a storm, discover the eerie mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite scientist. As their innocence is lost, Brad and Janet meet a houseful of wild characters, including a rocking biker and a creepy butler. Through elaborate dances and rock songs, Frank-N-Furter unveils his latest creation: a muscular man named 'Rocky'.

Run time: 100m Tagline: A different set of jaws Release: 1975-08-14

Stars: Barry Bostwick Charles Gray Jonathan Adams Meat Loaf Nell Campbell Patricia Quinn Peter Hinwood Richard O'Brien Susan Sarandon Tim Curry

The life of a married couple turns upside down after 8 years of marriage as some hard truths between them come to light. The answers to all these questions will be revealed in this psychological thriller based on true events.

Run time: 108m Release: 2018-08-31

Stars: Angad Mhaskar Hemangi Kavi Dhumal Pallavi Patil Raqesh Bapat Sandeep Avchat Savita Prabhune Subodh Bhave Trupti Toradmal

Jack Torrance accepts a caretaker job at the Overlook Hotel, where he, along with his wife Wendy and their son Danny, must live isolated from the rest of the world for the winter. But they aren't prepared for the madness that lurks within.

Run time: 144m Tagline: He came as the caretaker, but this hotel had its own guardians - who'd been there a long time Release: 1980-05-23

Stars: Anne Jackson Barry Dennen Barry Nelson Danny Lloyd Jack Nicholson Joe Turkel Philip Stone Scatman Crothers Shelley Duvall Tony Burton

A journey through the psyche of a young ballerina whose starring role as the duplicitous swan queen turns out to be a part for which she becomes frighteningly perfect.

Run time: 108m Release: 2010-12-03

Stars: Barbara Hershey Benjamin Millepied Janet Montgomery Kristina Anapau Ksenia Solo Mila Kunis Natalie Portman Sebastian Stan Vincent Cassel Winona Ryder

In a small town in Maine, seven children known as The Losers Club come face to face with life problems, bullies and a monster that takes the shape of a clown called Pennywise.

Run time: 135m Tagline: Your fears are unleashed Release: 2017-09-06

Stars: Bill Skarsgård Chosen Jacobs Finn Wolfhard Jack Dylan Grazer Jaeden Martell Jake Sim Jeremy Ray Taylor Nicholas Hamilton Sophia Lillis Wyatt Oleff

A married couple with a rocky past adopt 9-year old, Esther to fill the void created by a recently-stillborn baby. However, Esther is not quite who she seems.

Run time: 123m Tagline: Can you keep a secret? Release: 2009-07-24

Stars: Aryana Engineer CCH Pounder Isabelle Fuhrman Jamie Young Jimmy Bennett Karel Roden Margo Martindale Peter Sarsgaard Rosemary Dunsmore Vera Farmiga

India, 1918. On the outskirts of Tumbbad, a cursed village where it always rains, Vinayak, along with his mother and his brother, care of a mysterious old woman who keeps the secret of an ancestral treasure that Vinayak gets obsessed with.

Run time: 113m Tagline: A Tale of Greed Beyond Fear Release: 2018-10-12

Stars: Anita Date Deepak Damle Dhundiraj Prabhakar Jogalekar Jyoti Malshe Madhav Hari Joshi Mohammad Samad Piyush Kaushik Ronjini Chakraborty Rudra Soni Sohum Shah

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