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Movie Review: Angamaly Diaries on Netflix

Movie Angamaly Diaries
Genre Crime Drama
Languages Malayalam
TNS Score 85
Platform Netflix
Run-Time 2h 8m
Cast Antony Varghese, Reshma Rajan, Binny Rinky Benjamin
Release 2018
Director Lijo Jose Pellisery


The story revolves around the childhood and subsequent adulthood of Vincent Pepe. After growing up amidst the gang wars of his hometown, Angamaly, he forms an entrepreneurial squad and ends up on the wrong side of the law being charged for a murder that he did not commit, at least not intentionally. Along with this, the narrative of his love life also continues as he matures into marriageable age.


The story has been able to entrap the essence of the place and culture, it talks about. We get to see the societal living of people in Angamaly, which is a town in South India. The narrative has a perfect mix of action, drama, and romance.

It’s almost as if we get to be a part of the culture in its most authentic form, without any dramatic fabrications. Though the story has abrupt overlaps in between, especially when we talk about the romantic narrative of Vincent’s love affairs before finally getting together with the love of his life. Other than this, the story runs smoothly, delivering all the intricate flavors of Vincent’s life and its struggles.


The film has been directed really well, which enables us to understand the complexities of the narrative with ease. The milieu established, compliments the direction and writing of the film. The last scene, which also marks the last fight before Vincent finally decides to leave the town for good, has been played brilliantly on the screen.

The film deserves its critical acclamation for its realistic and raw making. The film is thus naturalistic and realistic in its display. It thus hits the audience with its beautiful views, perfectly fitting music, and naturalistic performance by the actors. Over the top, all this is mixed in the right potion by the virtue of a brilliant direction.


Antony Varghese has done a great job, playing Vincent Pepe. He is able to do justice with the character, right from the beginning of his confusions followed by his unstable love life, the unintentional murder, and the finale of his time in the town of Angamaly.

The comic element as well as the gravity in the character of Pepe, has been portrayed brilliantly on screen, by Varghese. Rest of the actors including, Appani Sarath, Anna Rajan, Tito Wilson, etc. have all done great work and kept the realism of the film alive, through their deliberative efforts, worthy of commendation.


The film also received high praise from the film fraternity. Actor Mohanlal wrote “Happened to watch Angamaly Diaries and I’m impressed by the way the movie is made. Brilliant acting by everyone and Kudos to the whole team and to Chemban Vinod Jose and Lijo Jose Pellissery”.

Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran lauded it as a “stunning piece of film making” and praised its “original writing”. Actor Nivin Pauly applauded the casting, performances, story calling them “so refreshing and real”. Director Karthik Subbaraj called the film “Super Fantastic” and lauded it saying “Writing, Performances & Filmmaking Crafts at its best”. Director Anurag Kashyap called it “an extraordinary film” and tagged Angamaly Diaries as his film of the year so far.


The film is a mixture of comedy, action and romance, with the background of the beautiful and vibrant culture of South India. It is certainly a complete package of entertainment, especially when it’s a much more realistic display than what the mainstream cinema can afford. You cannot miss watching Pepe and his life at Angamaly, filled with heart-throb action, heart-rending drama and heart-aching comedy. The film will certainly keep you at the edge until the ending, you won’t be able to help but think- you don’t know where life takes you or maybe just like Pepe, you do, from the very beginning. Without any further delay, watch it instantly.

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