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Movie Review: Bo Burnham: Inside (2021)

MovieBo Burnham: Inside
GenreComedy, Musical-Comedy
TNS Score91.6
Run-Time1h 27m
CastBo Burnham
DirectorBo Burnham


Bo Burnham’s new special ‘Inside’ on Netflix is a comedic representation of life in the pandemic through well-made songs, music, writing, and storytelling by various elements one can find in a single room or home. This special is written, directed, captured, edited, and performed by Bo Burnham in his home during the ongoing pandemic without any other person invovled. 

This classic short captures the comedic brilliance of a millennial going through an extensional crisis and is aimed at the millennial generation quite relatably; however, it can also attract other generations with a sense of humor in his writing and open-minded storytelling.

Bo Burnham’s Inside is his fourth special; before that, he has released three more specials as Words Words WordsWhat., and Make Happy in which What.Make Happy and Inside are available on Netflix but by far Inside is the most genius and creative work of art by Burnham. 

In this special, Bo tries to give insights into mental health, anxiety, extensional crisis, and various concerns as a content creator, comedian, director, actor in situations like the Covid-19 pandemic in a beautiful, engaging, and unique way.

In between, he addresses concerning his mental health issues too that occurred during his last special’s record, Make Happy, and how he is dealing with the situation in a pandemic at his home alone. Besides that, Inside features a variety of songs that sketch his day-to-day life indoors, exploring the themes of making engaging content throughout the movie, and some are about the internet and how the world works. 

Main Highlights

The main highlights of this special are cinematography, editing, writing, production, and storytelling through lighting, wardrobe, and performance, which are done with sheer creativity and perfection, left viewers speechless so many times.

Some of his songs in the movie are so relatable and funny as he roasts fellow tech billionaires, shows us how the world and internet works. At the same time, some of them discuss serious issues of this generation like Attention span, an unpaid intern, and white women’s instagram that are hilarious yet combined with sensitivity and extraordinary awareness.
So many technical aspects throughout the movie can be seen and needed to be applauded, like camera movements, changing of aspect ratios when desired, storytelling through lights, which is the best thing you will ever see in a movie.

Still From Bo Burnham: Inside


Bo Burnham is sheer creative talent. He can sing, write, perform, edit, produce music with different instruments, execute different concepts and lighting; for one person to have that level of aptitude with all those things is just majestic. Inside is a two perspective watching, it will entertain you for sure, but it can also hit hard and be disturbing for many of us as chaos is still around. It talks more about American problems and chillingly criticized white people. Its an unquestionably classic masterpiece of art by keeping things in mind how a single person did it all along without any support and audience to clap or praise. Bo Burnham’s Inside should be watched once in a lifetime.

Bo Burnham: Inside Spotify Album

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