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Movie Review: Half Ticket(2016)

MovieHalf Ticket
GenreFamily Drama
TNS Score7.7
PlatformPrime Video
Run-Time1h 52m
CastPriyanka Bose, Shubham More, Balchandra Kadam
DirectorSamit Kakkad


The film is a heart-wrenching tale of two little boys, who have a dream to eat pizza. With a father being in prison, a mother singlehandedly taking care of the family, and an elderly grandmother; these two brothers hail from poverty struck, a marginal section of the society.

They might be held back by a physical force, but their imagination is as pleasant and fresh as any other child and has no boundaries. This simple narrative is loaded with drama, happiness, laughter, and a lot of reality checks. There is only one question, “Will they get to eat a pizza?” that will make us question our social dynamics and flawed conditioning.


The film has been written very well, with respect to the narrative and portrayal of class discrimination in India. It’s a very simple narrative, light-hearted yet loaded with morals and conflicts. We see the two children, being happy in their circumstances and willing to dream beyond their capacities. Unlike their mother or grandmother, they dare to dream and follow it with excruciating passion.

Over the course of the narrative, it then becomes a question much greater than a ‘want to have a pizza.’ In one of the scenes, we see the boys visiting their privileged friend at the fence of a park; where they usually met him. Their friend brings a leftover pizza slice in a box, but the two boys refuse to accept it. It’s no more about the pizza, but a life of dignity and integrity that they imagine for themselves.

The film is loaded with such metaphoric instances, where a slice of pizza represents the biggest metaphor. 


The film has been directed brilliantly well; it speaks through the direction. Loaded with metaphorical instances, there are scenes that do not require any dialogue or screenplay. Cinematics of the film compliment the direction, which in turn compliments the narrative structure. The film gives out an important and heart-wrenching message; in a light-hearted manner. It’s almost as if the audience will carry the essence with gravity and still feel pleasant.


All the actors have done a great job in characterizing their respective roles. Priyanka Bose, playing the mother’s role; has done commendable work. She rightly brings out a protective yet stern portrayal of a woman who is trodden by society, fending for her family and letting her childhood dream. Shubham More and Vinayak Potdar, have done great work in characterizing the two little boys with eyes full of dreams.

All the scenes capturing the essence and imagination of these young brothers are flawlessly performed. One particular scene in the very beginning where we see the elder brother feeding the younger brother with a crow’s egg; is aesthetically charged and artistically brilliant. The chemistry of these two characters is established right in the beginning.


Half Ticket was selected for the Indiwood Panorama Competition section at the 2nd edition of Indiwood Carnival 2016 in Hyderabad. At the 57th Zlin International Film Festival 2017 held in the Czech RepublicHalf Ticket won the Ecumenical Jury Award.


This film deserves a weekend watch because it will ask of you to contemplate. Super direction, cinematics, performance, and screenplay. Full of entertainment and morals, this film deserves your watch and thought!

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