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Movie Review: Hellaro(2019)

GenrePeriod musical drama 
TNS Score86.9
PlatformMx player
CastShradha Dangar, Jayesh More, Arjav Trivedi, Maulik Nayak
Director  Abhishek Shah


The story revolves around the women and their tragic fates in a village, located in the middle of nowhere, in Kutch’s Runn. When a new bride arrives at the village, things start to take a turn, and we see how the village women finally break through the shackles of unreasonable patriarchy. With a beautiful display of Gujrati culture, we see how multiple prejudices make it a man’s sole right to enjoy it.


The story has written brilliantly, settling in its element. It placed in the 1970s in a remote village, located in the Runn of Kutch. The story talks about the struggles of women and their lives lived only in their husbands’ subordination.

We said that the story settles in the ‘element,’ what we mean is that the background, the setup and the tale being told all fit together in a magnificent whole. Though it is folklore that’s narrated, it rightly talks about the culture it depicts and the prejudices surrounding it.


The film has given a great perspective concerning the story it tells. The depiction of the village life, very far away from the city, has been done very well and what matters more is that it’s been able to make an aesthetic settlement in the contemporary audience. This award-winning film shows swift changes brought in this village society which also governed by multiple superstitions. And then there’s a final breakthrough.

The parallel narrative of the Dholi (drummer) character, Mulji, has also been woven brilliantly into the main story. By the end, it stands as a symbolic representation of the oppression of women as a whole.


Shradhha Dangar’s character of Manjhri is one of the film’s major driving forces and Mulji’s character. Her performance in the film has been commendable right from the beginning when she portrays a girl and her dilemmas, who brought down from a city’s fast-forward modern life to a deeply conservative village question. She’s been able to give the character her charm and eloquence, which finally sets the other women free.

Furthermore, Mulji’s character, played by Jayesh More, is also brilliantly performed and delivered on the screen. It’s almost as if we’re able to see and feel the pain and agony of Mulji as he searches for his dead wife and daughter in bewilderment. Other actors, including- Tejal Panchasara, Shailesh Prajapati, Maulik Nayak, Aarjav Trivedi, etc., have performed very well in their respective roles.


This critically acclaimed film has great direction, screenplay, milieu and performance. It gives you a good taste of the Gujrati culture and critiques patriarchy’s ages-long societal practice. Through the final dance of Garba, you will be able to live through the film and its concept.

It flawlessly made and certainly deserved a watch. So, without any further delay, watch the film and think about how our society has normalised male dominance.

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