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Movie Review: Kuruthi (2021)

GenreAction, Thriller
PlatformPrime Video
Run-Time2h 3m
CastPrithviraj Sukumaran, Roshan Mathew, Srindaa, Mamukkoy
DirectorManu Warrier


Kuruthi is a gripping home invasion thriller film that deals with how enduring human relations that transcends boundaries struggle to survive trials of hatred and prejudice. The film is a philosophical take on the whole human hate and disgust aspect and asks how far humans will go for their hate.


One of the film’s main highlights is its story and the way Anish Pallyal has written it. It has ample grip, thrill, and tense with a brilliant pace, which never lets viewers leave their screen of its time. Besides the story, characters are also written beautifully and capture various aspects of them in a proper flow, and each one plays a crucial role in completing the narrative. Although the storyline is based on sensitive religious issues, it never hurts anyone’s sentiments and sticks to its core plotline until it is puzzled towards the end.


Kuruthi is emerging as career’s best work for the director Manu Warrier. He did a commendable job in storytelling showcases the vulnerable sides of humans and how disgust can lead to the end of innocent lives. Warrier makes sure to provide every minor detail and handful of insight into the world he created.

Source: Onmanorama

The film grabs viewers’ attention in the first shot, which brilliantly captures the tragic event, and viewers can almost feel tension through the screen built during the first half. Characters development and screen presence by the director have been exceptionally well.

Cinematography & Score

Cinematography by Abinandhan Ramanujam has been so well at so many times, whether he created thrill situations around the table or a spectacular introduction of Laiq with the camera, but somehow it started to scatter and ended up into an ordinary climax. The background score by Jakes Bejoy is good, but the songs are unnecessary. They don’t add anything to the narrative or the flashback scenes of Ibrahim, with the writer trying too hard to squeeze in some emotional moments to the story.


The near-perfect casting should be the main highlight of the film, even with Prithviraj’s performance as Laiq again feeling like he is trying too hard to ace the character, the dialogue delivery coming off as forced and the facial expressions feeling theatrical at times. But Roshan Mathew, as Ibrahim played his part to the perfection, he able to captures the grief and guilt of a man forced to act against his belief, questioning his morality and his commitment to the god.

Source: Prime Video

Rest of the cast also does their job neatly; Mamukkoya as Moosa Khadar needs to be applauded for coming out of his shell and doing an incredible and badass character with supremacy.


Kuruthi is a good home invasion watch, and the drama around the house is very well executed. There are few moments of mysteries in the storyline and enough thrill, which make it worth watching. But taking a sensitive topic like this and molding it into an action thriller seems to be almost taking away the importance of this movie. The surface-level understanding of the issue seems to be a problem here, and an average climax after building such thrill and tense is not praiseworthy. With all said that, the movie stands out for its thriller genre, performance, and intriguing screenplay.


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