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Movie Review: Malik (2021)

GenrePolitical, Crime, Drama
PlatformPrime Video
Run-Time2h 41m
CastFahadh Faasil, Nimisha Sajayan, Dileesh Pothan, Joju George, Vinay Forrt
DirectorMahesh Narayanan


Malik follows the life of Sulaiman and spanning from his childhood to middle age, where he arises to prominence amongst the people living in the coastal regions in the fight against the political exploitation in their domain. The film is about the emergence and destruction of Malik and increases in land acquisition cases, especially in coastal areas.


Malik is a multilayered story of its protagonist, which is woven very precisely around him. Each layer starts to unfold once the development of its main characters are finished. The story has been narrated in multiple timelines with numerous characters and different exploitation, which influences the protagonist amid local communities. Its a dark, gritty, and intense tale that never lets you hate its central character till the very end.


The perspective is rendered beautifully by the director with each stage of Sulaiman Malik’s life and has been portrayed within sheer brilliancy and its authenticity. All the characters lived very profoundly in the gloomy and corrupt world created by the director Mahesh Naryanan. He has intelligently captured the true essence of the different time periods and its politics.

Credits: The Hindu

The film never really divert from its plot or confused viewers, its keeps wander around its central character and his world at a brilliant pace. The different timelines of Sulaiman crafted throughout the film are pretty impressive, highlighting the brilliancy of direction and their production team.

Cinematography & Music

The cinematography and background score often show you that Malik is created for a theatre experience, which somehow does not make it due to harsh circumstances. The opening sequence itself is considered a brilliant and long shooted scene. It has some mind-blowing camera operation and movement by Sanu John Varughese, which certainly helps the director to establish the world around his central personality and also allow the viewers to understand the dark and fascinating world of Sulaiman.

Credits: Cinema Express

The background music composed by Sushin Shyam is another excellent technical aspect of this film, capturing the movie’s mood, romance, and theme with ease. Even background score for the moment of combat and emotional occasion fits perfectly in the film.  


The film has a massive cast and supporting cast, which has done excellent work throughout the run. Fahadh Faasil, as Sulaiman Malik, embraces various timelines for the character, from being a young rowdy trying to do what’s most helpful for his community to be cautious of everyone’s secret motive as old age. He clearly shows his range by speaking through his eyes and body language.

Credits: Al Jazeera

 Nimisha Sajayan as Roseline at this point time strikes with her confident performance; she is loyal, emotional and highly conscious of what she is intended for being in a relationship with Sulaiman. David played by Vinay Forrt, stands out as a show-stealer from the supporting cast; he is always on edge, fearful of conflict and finds himself in several instances to be a victim of circumstance, vulnerability, and want to be acknowledged is portrayed so beautifully by him.

Credits: Binged

Joju George as Anwar Ali and Sanal Aman as Freddy played their respected roles with efficiency.


Malik is the most stand out film of this year; However, regional cinema has already delivered gems like Drishyam-2, Karnan and Nayattu. The film showcases context, families, and their illegal businesses, making Malik a cult classic crime thriller saga film that will be praised for so many years. It is an exceptional film for so many reasons, simply dont miss it.

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