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Movie Review: Nayattu (2021)

GenreDrama, Political Thriller
TNS Score84.3
Run-Time1h 55m
CastJoju George, Nimisha Sajayan, Kunchacko Boban
DirectorMartin Prakkat


The story revolves around three city police officers running for their lives, escaping the outbreak against them due to a series of events that happened one day. It brings in a few shades of arrogant yet very much human police officers and their helplessness.


The narrative has been written very well, along with the plot from the beginning, and as we move onward, it starts to unfold its layers and thrill itself. The pace of the story is brilliant it starts slow but engaging. Then, after the buildup of the lead characters, the movie ramped up at the break-nacked pace and kept you engaged till the very end.

The film is undoubtedly able to bring the main issue to screen with proper information needed. Writer Shahi Kabir deserves ample points for his genius work which aided the director craft the perfect intense crime thriller.


Direction deserves commendation for its reality element. It takes a few minutes to establish all three protagonist characters. The best part is while revealing the characters, he also manages to show a grey side of them. The unexpected twist and gripping factor are served with the right mix till the end. The cinematography is very captivating with all the beautiful greens and landscapes view, which is the most standout factor to give wings to your storyline and narrative.

In the end, the chasing scene lacks direction, but it gets masked behind camera work. Overall, an outstanding direction by one of the modern time genius Martin Prakatt who already won the best director for his work in a film like Charlie.


The film has astoundingly remarkable performance from leads and the antagonist, especially Joju George and Dineesh P. Where Joju George as a senior police officer, played his role according to script demand which is complete based on raw emotions, and he did it with complete perfection, which helps you feel every emotion of the character, while the antagonist Biju played by Dineesh P, makes you hate the character, which is extensively demanded.

Rest two leads roles from Nimisha Sajayan as Sunitha and Kunchacko Boban as Praveen Michael did their part flawlessly as the script requires.


There is absolutely no room for doubt that this film is not dramatically entertaining, although it’s a complete package of political thriller which dealing with a sensitive issue and how beautifully it portrayed on the screen. From power-packed performance to the brilliant direction and pleasant cinematography, this movie is a piece of work that manages to thrill and show the system’s reality as well. Its a highly recommended and must-watch film for the cinephiles.

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