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Movie Review: Peranbu (2018)

TNS Score86.6
PlatformPrime Video
Run-Time2h 28m
CastAnjali, Mammootty, Sadhana, Livingston


The film narrativizes a father’s struggle to understand and help his daughter suffering from cerebral palsy. It takes us on an emotional and symbolic journey of Amudhavan and Paapa’s life. After being left by his wife, Amudhavan is forced to move out of the rented house because of Paapa’s disorder. He decides to shift to a more secluded house where Paapa could live and breathe happily. However, Paapa is upset and refuses to talk to her father or have anything to do with him. After a series of events and Amudhavan’s relentless efforts to win his daughter’s trust, they start living happily, only to face another challenge.

The story arc is good, with plot structured in ten chapters. The climax is fitting in the context and slips in with a smooth plausibility.  


The film holds a thoroughly complimenting perspective, it’s multidimensional, and we get to see characters in totality. The director’s vision was undoubtedly uniform all through the film. The film is structured in ten chapters that talked about nature and its various phases. Running along with Paapa and Amudhavan’s life story, we see how nature’s metaphor starts establishing the context for the viewer. The music establishes a milieu in the film, in many instances, and becomes a word-less narration of the story.

The first half of the film in which Amudhavan tries to befriend his daughter, while they’re living in a cottage is metaphorically very deep and presented brilliantly well through the directional perspective.


The characterization is excellent, which is also essential to develop the narrative. Since the film is about exploring a father’s relationship with his daughter, the two characters must be built and presented well. Mammootty has done a great job in characterizing Amudhavan. Sadhana’s relentless efforts of characterizing Paapa is nevertheless the attraction of the film.

Their chemistry on screen, rightly speaks of the theme and structure of the film right from the beginning.


In all, the film is a poetic pursuit that tries to encapsulate a father-daughter relation in its purest form. Amudhavan is willing to go to any extent for his daughter, who is his responsibility. It’s a heavy but is certainly worth your time and emotional drive.

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