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Movie Review: Sara’s (2021)

GenreComedy, Romance
PlatformPrime Video
Run-Time1h 59m
CastAnna Ben, Sunny Wayne, Meera Nair, Mallika Sukumaran
DirectorJude Anthany Joseph


The story revolves around Sara, a fun and optimistic girl working towards her dream of becoming a filmmaker, who meets Jeevan, with whom she relates to several life choices, especially the choice of not having a child. Sara’s is a light-hearted take on how society and families of young couples pressurize in matters concerning relationships, marriage, and primary pregnancy.


The movie’s opening credits tell about how the writer Akshay Hareesh used Facebook posts to search for better scripts during the lockdown, in which the story of Sara’s was chosen from 7 scripts that he had selected from 1000s of scripts received on that post.

The writing has been so good that the story keeps itself around its main issues while being entertaining and cheerful at the same time. In so many instances, it keeps reminding you of the movie’s central idea intelligently and amusingly. 

Direction & Cinematography

Direction from Jude Anthany Joseph has been on point as he manages to craft socially relevant topics into the movie very well. Joseph gives an insight into the parenting issues with different female characters involved and their sacrifice or giving up on their dream after pregnancy. Also, provide a handful of correct information about giving birth is not all about a choice of a single parent or family rather than more about women and their choice.

The cinematography by Nimish Ravi has been so splendid which able to captures Sara’s world beautifully and helps the development of characters very quickly and engagingly. The Music by Shaan Rahman in the movie with nice cinematic shots elevates the romantic storytelling between Sara and Jeevan. 


Sara’s character is cheerful, very optimistic, and fun, who thinks differently from the rest of the world and carries her dream of becoming a filmmaker one day, portrayed beautifully by Anna Ben with her adorable screen presence.

Jeevan’s character roams around a jobless guy at the beginning of the film who babysits his sister’s kids but ultimately hates and failed to do that, played by Sunny Wayne with a hilarious and fantastic sense of humor. Finally, a typical old lady played by Mallika Sukumaran superbly as Jeevan’s mother as she pretends to take care of her work but intellectually ended up taking advantage of being aged.


Sara’s is a heart-touching tale that roams around an intriguing romantic story and further opens up about the rarely discussed matter in mainstream movies or societies. Its a complete family-friendly movie also educates its audience about this personal decision of having a child and should not be pressured by family, friends, or society. You can watch and skip it depend on what you like; if you like romantic-comedy movies or the cuteness of Anna Ben, you can watch it else, you can skip it. I love this movie because this is the kind of movie you need right now, a light-hearted and feel-good watch.

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