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Movie Review: Sarpatta Parambarai (2021)

MovieSarpatta Parambarai
GenrePeriod Sport, Action-Drama
PlatformPrime Video
Run-Time2h 55m
CastArya, John Kokken, Shabeer Kallarakkal,
, Sanchana Natarajan
DirectorPa. Ranjith


Set in the 1970s, Sarpatta revolves around a clash between two boxing clans Idiyappa Parambarai and Sarpatta Parambarai, in Madras. The film showcases the culture of boxing in the locality and highlights the politics involved in it.


The film has been written with an ample amount of drama in and outside the ring. The storyline highlights the culture of boxing in Madras during the 1970-80s; it showcases the thicks and thins of the protagonist in the journey of becoming a reputated boxer and represents his clan that never won the title. The story’s writing and all the characters have been addressed with the simple, clever, and balanced approach. The writer also adds some actual political angle into the storyline to better grasp the period story. The pace of the story is brilliant, and its further met with impeccable direction.


Sarpatta Parambarai helps Pa Ranjith regain his true film-making essence, which almost lost after making big stars films like Kaala and Kabali. He is vastly known for his great films like Attakathi and Madras. Pa. Ranjith gives an all-new praiseworthy perspective of watching a period film set around boxing. The authenticity in the film-making and storyline helps this film stand out from any typical boxing/sports drama film.

Credits: The Quint

The drama created by the director around the ring and the thrills each punch gives is something that keeps viewers to the screen for its time. The production design team did a fantastic job focusing on small details from hairstyles, dressing, and bicycle use by ordinary mens to give you a retro glimpse throughout the movie. Well, and long choreographed boxing fighting sequences manage to give enough of its thrill required.

Cinematography & Score

The cinematography from Murali G. has been so good that he manages to capture the aura around the ring set by the director and gives viewers a clear vision of how a raw boxing match looks like. Top-angel shots of the boxing ring, thrills of each punch, and production period set are beautifully filmed.

Credits: Sify.com

The background score and music by Santhosh Narayanan have been enthralling provided some good beats for the director, which he always does. The score of boxing sequences has been immeasurable makes the fighting exhilarating yet engaging.


The film is rich in cast and characters, which is handled flawlessly with an equal screen presence, and each character played a vital role in completing the whole narrative. Kabilan(The Protagonist) played and lived beautifully by Arya with emotional shifts and body transformation for the intense action sequences. He manages to capture the commitment, dedication, hardwork, respect for his coach, and the character’s vulnerability in his worst phase.

Credits: Greatandhra

Pasupatty played a powerful performance of Rangan Vaathiyaar, showcases a ruthless boxing coach who loves the game and his clan. Dushara Vijayan plays the female lead Mariyamma; the love chemistry between Kabilan and Mariyamma is a treat to the eyes. She manages to capture all the emotions and comes out as a supportive wife of the protagonist. Other supporting roles like Daddy, Dancing Rose, Rangan, Vetri played their roles with enough humor and never lacked to surprise the viewers.


Sarpatta Parambarai can be the career’s most stand-out film for both the actor and director. The film takes viewers to the sets of retro feels and authentic yet engaging boxing matches. It neither lacks in its genre nor diverted from its plot; it keeps you glued to the screen for its whole time. Sarpatta Parambarai is a blockbuster Tamil language film. However, it didnt makes it to the big screen; it has enough elements of a superhit film and should be watched by everyone.

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