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Movie Review: Serious Men on Netflix

MovieSerious Men
GenreDark Comedy
Run-Time1h 54m
CastNawazuddin Siddiqui, Indira Tiwari, and Yogesh Yadav
DirectorSudhir Mishra


The story revolves around Mani, who wishes to strategize his son’s life; much bigger and better than his own.  His personal story running in the background, he wishes to give only the best to his son. Being the personal assistant to a scientist, he learns some scientific jargon and teaches them to his 10 years old son. Just when his son is deemed to be a genius, the story takes a turn and walks us down the hill. Multiple issues undermining our society are being narrativized in the film.


The narrative has been written pretty well to start with, but as we move along it seems to complicate itself. The film is undoubtedly able to bring multiple issues on screen.

Some of the best developments of the plot, take place in the beginning. The opening scenes are brilliantly scripted, especially when we’re introduced to the character of Mani; who then takes on the screen and tells us his definition of ‘men in suit,’ as ‘Serious Men.’ The narrative somehow gets complicated towards the end with some directional gaps that leave space for ambiguity.


Direction deserves commendation for the initial bit of the film. The first half is brilliantly displayed but right after the first climax hit when we get to know the reality; direction seems to loosen up a little, leaving gaps that lead to misinterpretations. With brilliant cinematography, there are shots like the one in the beginning when Mani is holding up his little son against the sunlight. Even the last scene on the beach is shot beautifully well.

The film is an adaptation of the book- ‘Serious Men’ by Manu Joseph. Directional diligence seems lacking in the second half of the film. Other than that, the film is able to impact the audience, in an overall review.


There is absolutely no room for doubt for Nawazuddin’s talent. He’s done a brilliant job in characterizing Mani, in all his intelligence and aspirations. Nassar has done great work in characterizing the scientist who’s deemed as a villain in the beginning but turns out to be not so bad, in the end. Aakshath Das characterizes the little boy and he deserves a commendation for doing it so well. All the other actors have done a great job as well.


The film is dramatically entertaining. The plot is well structured and the narrative is inspired by a literary work, and therefore is laid well. The direction is great in the beginning but becomes turbulent as the film proceeds. You cannot miss watching the film, because it’s Nawazuddin Siddiqui after all! Even Aakshath Das is a treat to the eye.

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