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T.V. Series Review: Succession on Hotstar

TV ShowSuccession
GenreSatirical Comedy-Drama
TNS Score91
Run-Time56-70 mins
No. of Episodes20
No. of Seasons2
Original NetworkHBO
Streaming AtDisney+ Hotstar
Cast Brian Cox, Sarah Snook, Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin
CreatorJesse Armstrong


The story revolves around the Roy family and a tussle for succession. The family is known for owning and controlling the biggest media company in the world. In their world of power politics and unlimited riches, there is a big drift when Logan Roy’s old age hits fragility. Who is to succeed him? The series explores various narratives revolving around this pivotal question of ‘Succession.’


The main narrative with perfectly structured overlaps, speaks for the brilliant writing of the show. It starts by establishing the fundamental question of ‘Succession’ as Logan turns 80 in the first episode and the story develops henceforth. The power politics and riches reflect on the broken family structures and flawed relations of the Roy family.

Source: Digital Spy

Logan’s four children and their life stories are running parallel with his own narrative, the story line in all is very complex with multiple undertones and reflections but it complements the simplistic style of cinematography, adopted.


The direction is flawless, especially when the ambiguities of the characters are emphasised upon. The differences in the personalities of each member of the Roy family, have been displayed on the screen in a wonderful amalgamation of their respective stances and narratives.

Source: IndieWire

The high standards of direction are established in the very beginning of the series when we’re introduced to the entire family on Logan’s 80th birthday and he is seen disclosing his ‘will’ to his children. The tension built in the room in that scene, can almost be felt through the screen. Somewhere in the second half of the series, Kendall is seen building a conspiracy theory against his father, Logan Roy, to raise a ‘no confidence’ motion against him. The impact of the scene is doubled by the virtue of a brilliant direction.


Each character, has been given an edgy personality with respect to his/her intimacy with the Roy family. Nicholas Braun is seen playing the character of Greg Hersh, and he brings out the awkwardness of the naïve boy, who has recently gotten an opportunity to fit in the race of cunning adults. Kieran Culkin takes the role of Roman Roy in all his weirdness of conduct. Sarah Snook’s work as Shiobhan Roy is flawless, as she brings out the head-strong character with occasional sensitivity

Source: IndieWire

Jeremy Strong deserves appreciation for his character of Kendall Roy, played in its true element of ambiguity. And finally, Brian Cox has done an amazing work as he plays the character of Logan Roy, who acts as the centre point, around which all the narratives revolve. All the characters have done a great job, making the entire series a flawless work of perfection.


The series deserves all its critical acclamation for a brilliant screenplay, direction, performance and writing. The raw and simplistic style of cinematography complements the heavily layered and structured plot. This further increases the impact as we see an instant zoom on the character’s face for an emphasised shot, and it’s done very smoothly. The show will certainly keep you hooked for all the 2 seasons. Therefore, you must watch it, instantly!

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