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TV Series Review: Mare of Easttown (2021)

TV ShowMare of Easttown
GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery
TNS Score89.6
Run-Time58 min
No. of Episodes7
No. of Seasons1
Original NetworkHBO
Streaming AtDisney+Hotstar
CastKate Winslet, Evan Peters, Julianne Nicholson, Angourie Rice
Creators Brad Ingelsby


Mare of easttown essentially revolves around a mid-age detective Mare Sheehan, solving the mysteries of vanishing girls while battling her own demons. But, unfortunately, things get more ugly when investigating a mysterious murder leads her to suspicious of the various people around her.


The intricacies of the plot have been laid out very well. Along with the plot, the whole narrative is written brilliantly well in terms of the flow and pace of the story. It became very hard to conclude till the very end, makes the story the most intriguing and full of twists.

After a long drive of suspense, we’re finally given a great wrap-up. All the layers of the story are woven brilliantly well in the end. Full marks to the writer for a smooth conclusion.


The direction complements the refined layering in the narrative and brings what is essential to the screen. It is fair to say that there are multiple climaxes throughout the show, especially when the layers start to alienate. The final climax, nevertheless, stands out above all. It somehow wraps up the entire season in a package, along with giving a recap of what the detective and murderer went through right from the beginning.

The Directional brilliance is at its peak in the final episode, where the show is giving more twist than ever, and after the conclusion, its ends with a great note as we see Mare must start solving her son’s death mystery.


Kate Winslet has given a lifetime performance with her artistic excellence by the portrayal of detective Mare Sheehan. She has portrayed the ambiguities and complexities of this character beautifully on screen. In the scenes in which she’s seen conversing with the different suspects, mostly the close friends or people around her.

Every character from the show played their roles beautifully, But which Standout most is Julianne Nicholson’s portrayal as Lorry Ross throughout the show, especially in the final phase of the story. Every scene where we see her is brainstorming and heartwrenching simultaneously, with character sync in a great proportion.


As of whole, the show stands tall to its core, and the plot starts with building the main character and keeps you on the edge of the auro of your seats till the very end without any plot hole or dull moment. This series is a complete package backed by flawless story writing, great direction, power-packed performances, and impact on the audiences. By far, Mare of Easttown is the best show of this year and shouldn’t be missed, so watch it instantly.

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