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Tv Series Review: Squid Game (2021)

TV ShowSquid Game
GenreSurvival Drama, Thriller, Black Comedy
TNS Score89.3
Run-Time32–63 minutes
No. of Episodes9
No. of Seasons1
Original Network Netflix
Streaming AtNetflix
CastLee Jung‑jae, Jung Ho‑yeon, Park Hae Soo, Wi Ha‑joon
CreatorHwang Dong-hyuk


Struggling financially and living a rubbish life, hundred of players are attracted and transported to a remote island to play innocent children games at an insane level where prize stacks are high and deadly. Madness hits when the first game is being played.


The series takes a fresh idea and moulds it into a thrilling survival drama like never seen before. Brilliant writing makes this series a great watch because it keeps viewers intrigued and makes unexpected plot twists throughout. There lot to look for in the squid game; the concept of children games and presenting as very well managed in possible insane ways.

 Its a combining thriller with ample drama, black comedy, and a wee bit of police procedural. The writer, Creator and director of the show Hwang Dong-hyuk, stated that he wrote the script way back in 2008 when he was going through the same financially unstable times and tried to approach the script but could not find any production support. 


The concept of the squid game surely needed an upto the mark direction because there is so much to focus on and detailing to make the show look like a real-life game, which is handled and presented quite well by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The series has all the emotions to hold onto their audience, and the world created by the director is praiseworthy.

However, the squid game lacks in the later portion of the series, where the plot twist didnt fulfil the viewer’s expectations and ended up adding nothing to the narrative, its the only time where the story feels stretched. On the other hand, one of the main highlights of the series is breathtaking filming sets and stunning camera work that surprise viewers with unique things most of its time.


Squid game has a huge cast, and their character development is one of the main highlights of the series. Performance from the entire cast is a benchmark of this series because each one captures the emotions very intelligently as the script and situation demand.
Lee Jung-Jae is exciting as the gambling addict who has to start on the game to cure his mom’s illness. At the same time, O Yeong-su captivates with his nuanced portrayal of an ageing man with seemingly nothing to lose, slowly dying with an ever-growing tumour in his head.

Park Hae-soo plays all the layers of his troubled investment banker role with enthusiasm, portraying all the ethical difficulties and moral turpitude his character faces with conviction. Finally, Jung Ho-Yeon buys you into the North Korean defector role and the lengths she will go to secure the money to enable the rest of her family to cross over to the South.


The series deserves all the critical acclamation and hype for its gripping plot, brilliant writing, compelling screenplay, flawless direction and praiseworthy performance. The production values and sets are just breathtaking, which further met with stunning camerawork makes this series a piece of work. The pace of the show is brilliant certainly keeps you hooked till the very end. The action sequences are very well executed, with promising visuals. Squid Game is considered one of the best K-drama series this year, so don’t miss out on it and keep yourself ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions and a ton of blood.

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