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Tv Series Review: Sweet Tooth (2021)

TV SeriesSweet Tooth
GenreAdventure, Fantasy Drama
TNS Score89
Run-Time53 min
No. of Episodes8
No. of Seasons1
Original NetworkWarner Bros. Television
Streaming AtNetflix
CastChristian Convery, Nonso Anozie, Will Forte
CreatorJim Mickle

“Sweet Tooth” is a quirky, heartfelt and emotionally engaging fantasy adventure tale that puts the viewers into a dramatic, chaotic, and post-apocalyptic world. While the main story centers around a very special hybrid boy who’s half-human and half deer, search for new beginnings with a fierce protector a decade after the great crumble.

This series is quite familiar with the chaos around the globe right now. It starts with building a few main characters. The development of characters is enthralling yet nerve-wrenching because it shows the reality of these apocalyptic situations where everyone is trying to save the lives of their loved ones, and many do their best to save themself to fall into these conditions.

Sometimes the series can be full of life, and sometimes, it hits hard as needed. Throughout the season, a narrator helps build the characters and narrates layers for a better grip of the storyline.

The series is adapted from a 2009 Comic book of the same name by Jeff Lemire. And, it is produced by Team Downey and Warner’s Bros Television for Netflix. The Filming is completed in Newzealand while the pandemic was ongoing in most parts of the world. 

Acting has been brilliant from the overall cast; it keeps the tense, entertaining, and emotional atmosphere according to situations and demands of the scene. The story demands multiple characters of survivors and their different motives left for living life, and each one did their ample efforts to keep viewers engaging throughout the season.


Jim Mickle expertly and superbly directs the series along with the production and costume team. The series never lacks in giving the feel of a post-apocalyptic world and affected people in it. The story’s pace is great during the series, but it lacks for me in the half phase of the series just for a few moments and again finds its place with a few well-choreographed action sequences and thrill this unique narrative creates.

The sound and the visual effects team did a very precise job that keeps viewers glued to the screen and elevates the fantasy storytelling. Beautiful shots of landscapes, scenery, and Visually stunning shots are enough for viewers to get hooked from the beginning.


Sweet Tooth can entertain any age group with so many elements; this is the most compelling fantasy drama series of this year. It can teach some important life lessons in this unpredictable time and draws connections in a subtle, beautiful arc that is never obnoxious. The different storylines blend at the end of the season is lovely and heartwarming. Its a great watch, but it can also not be a very good show according to the circumstances we are in now.

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