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TV Show Review: What We Do in the Shadows on Hotstar

TV ShowWhat We Do in the Shadows
TNS Score92.33
No. of Episodes20
No. of Seasons2
Original NetworkFX
Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou
Harvey Guillén, Mark Proksch
CreatorJemaine Clement


The plot revolves around four vampires- Nandor, Colin Robinson, Nadja and Laszlo; who’re trying to survive and keep up with their ‘vampiristic’ duties in New York. They are four tragic vampires, who’re anything but hideous and scary. Guillermo, who is Nandor’s familiar (slave) is another comic character; that adds up to the humour. His only purpose in life is to convince his master, Nandor, to convert him into a vampire.


The script has been written well. Even though there’s no major narrative for critical acclamation but the small feats and disasters in their lives are enough to make us roll on the floor, laughing.

It’s genius that they used the fictional myth of vampires and everything that revolves around it, in such a humoristic format and display. This is probably the best satire around Vampires.


The mockumentary has been directed fairly well. It is able to display the humour on script, on screen. The scene in which the old vampire, Baren, dies when Guillermo opens the door and he’s exposed to sunlight; is just hilarious. Absolutely nothing in the show, is to be taken seriously; and direction justifies it very well.


The second Season of the series was nominated for Emmy awards in the outstanding comedy-drama category this year.


It’s worth mentioning all the four main vampires of the mockumentary, when it comes to performance commendations. They’re scary in the most hilarious way possible and if you want to understand the definition of paradox? You ought to study these characters. Guillermo characterised by Harvey Guillen, is one of the best characters; who never fails to make us laugh.


The mockumentary as a whole, will change your perception about vampires from being the scariest to becoming the most hilarious creatures. You will get to know, what they do in the shadows. The show isn’t as eerie as the name suggests; everything about it is a paradox. Even the darkness shown is hilarious and anything but scary. Watch the show, for a good doze of thoughtless entertainment.

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