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TV Show Review: The Leftovers on Hotstar

TV Show The Leftovers
Genre Dystopian Mystery Drama
Languages English
TNS Score 88
Run-Time 50m-60m
No. of Episodes 28
No. of Seasons 3
Original Network HBO
Cast Justin Theroux, Carrie Coon, Margaret Qualley, Liv Tyler, Ann Dowd
Creator Damon Lindelof & Tom Perrotta.


The story revolves around a town that suffers the ambiguous disappearance of people, on the day of 14th October. The chaotic reactions of the humans, who did not disappear but witnessed the disappearance of their loved ones, are framed tightly with the story of the Chief of Police, Kevin Garvey, who takes it upon himself to ensure the safety of the town’s people amidst the chaos.


The narrative has been written well, especially when losing threads of the beginning, start coming together as the story proceeds. Without delving into the causes and assumptions, the narrative starts with depicting the reactions of people who lost their loved ones and saw them disappear in absolutely thin air. The question of religion and god, with the following attributes of faith, belief, and hope, are thus explored in the narrative.

We see the development of two cults and their driving forces. The question of remembering and healing thus becomes important to the layering of the narrative. “Is it okay, to be okay?”- is a question that is posed throughout the story. Parallel to this background layout, we have a story of the Garvey family, whose members did not really disappear but they certainly drifted apart. We see Chief Kevin Garvey, trying to mend the broken pieces of his family along with himself. There’s a mystery that surrounds his character since the beginning and is left at the introductory level by the end of the season One. But with the brilliantly structured narrative, everything reveals at the right time.


We can say that the show has been directed well when the director is able to display the underlying chaos and complexity of human nature. In this case, we can say that the ambiguity and complexity have been depicted on the screen in a very clean way, so as to not leave us with any confusion.

The milieu established is also great. All the scenes that had to do with Guilty Remnants, one of the cults, have been shot brilliantly well, so as to depict the never-ending grief and its importance to remain like that. There are other metaphorical elements of Dogs and Deers, that have been portrayed, settling aptly in the eerie of the narrative- as a whole. 


Starting with the dilemmas and complexities faced by the character of Kevin Garvey, played by Justin Theroux, have been acted upon just brilliantly. He has played one of the major characters, we could call him the protagonist but there are other characters who hold as much relevance and background. Nevertheless, his character is seen to be the exact center point of the entire narrative, as he joins other stories together.

Theroux has certainly done a commendable job. The character of Nora Durst, played by Carrie Coon, is also established in its element. Carrie Coon is able to bring out the pathos of somebody who might’ve lost their entire family in an almost ambiguous state, without any trace or possibility of natural death but just disappearance. Amy Brenneman has also been able to deliver justice to her character and its complexly tied and highly sensitive emotions, as she leaves her family to join the Guilty Remnants. All the other actors have done a great job, including Ann Dowd, Liv Tyler, Margaret Qualley, etc.


The first season received mostly positive reviews, though some criticized the series for its grim tone. The series underwent a critical reevaluation during its acclaimed second and third seasons, with many critics referring to The Leftovers as one of the greatest television series of all time, with particular praise for its writing, directing, acting, and thematic depth.


It’s been written, directed, and performed upon, just brilliantly well. The eerie mystery of the occurrence and trauma that followed has been depicted very well. You won’t be able to help but construct the hypothetical scenarios that might follow a mass disappearance of people in this world. The story moves along slowly, taking along every essence that it first began with. This is certainly the type of entertainment that will make you think. The ambiguities displayed will also make you question your contemporary beliefs and ideals that involve- forgetting the dead and moving on with life. The whole definition of ‘moving on,’ has been disintegrated and examined closely. It’s certainly not a light-hearted drama but is definitely worth your while. So, sit back and watch the show, you can’t miss this one!

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