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Web Series Review: Grahan (2021)

TV ShowGrahan
GenreHistory, Drama, Thriller
Run-Time55 mins
No. of Episodes8
No. of Seasons1
Original NetworkHotstar Original
Streaming AtDisney+ Hotstar
Cast Wamiqa GabbiZoya Hussain, Pawan Malhotra, Anshuman Pushkar
Creator Shailendra Jha

There are very few shows in Indian cinema that are written flawlessly and narrated beautifully on the screen. Disney plus hotstar’s new venture Grahan is the same sort of show that tries to glimpse so many emotions at times and deal with real sensitive events simultaneously.


Grahan is inspired by Satya Vyas’s 2018 novel Called Chaurasi, set in Jharkhand; the eight episodes series follows two intertwined sets of stories in two different timelines: Bokaro in 1984, and the other is Ranchi in 2016, both correlated with a single event that happened three decades ago.

One story captures the terror, shadows of carnage and intensity of the Bokaro Riots after the assassination of prime minister Indhira Gandhi. A clear portrayal of how riots are provoked, how one person for self-advantage can blindly turn people into riots to walk on the road of destruction. However, in between this chaos, one romantic story has also been portrayed very precisely and in a very adorable way, which kept the audience attached to the screen whole of its time and later played a very important role in the cliff-hanging audience most of the time or at the climax moments.

The other set of the story captures an upright Ips officer who works in Ranchi and lives with only parent her father, appointed as incharge of the Special Investing team, solving the riddle of anti-Sikh riots concerning 1984 events that somehow leads her to mind-blowing facts of her past and present.


Direction from Ranjan Chandel has been phenomenally productive as the series dealt with a sensitive issue and stories from almost three decades in the past. He is able to capture the comprehensive aura of 1984 with perfection and never confuse viewers between the past and present settings of sub-plots. Along with brilliant cinematography from
Kamaljeet Negi, great & engaging soundtracks of Amit Trivedi and marvelous editing by Aaron Paul.


The series is power-packed with performances by so many characters, which is the most applaudable aspect of this series because each character carries the main plot progressing and keeps the viewer engaging. Amrita Singh, an upright investing officer, played by Zoya Hussain, portrayed each emotion very organically, flawlessly and superbly on the screen in the lead role.

Pawan Malhotra as Gurusevak been exceptionally well his emotion kept viewers subtle and complex till the very last episode. Anshuman Pushkar and Wamika Gabbi have lived the characters of Rishi and Manu, respectively. Both give their top-notch performance, which helps portray an adorable romantic tale. The rest of the cast lands brilliant support to the narrative and lead characters.


Grahan is an emotional yet horrifying tale of the riots and their effects on the communities and people involved. The series also dealt with many issues other than riots and its reasons, like cast divisions, dirty politics, rotten systems, and how innocent people were caused by these events afterward, including who did the damage. After all, the series is not a masterpiece, but almost all aspects of it are so immeasurable to glimpse its viewers of time like this and its effects. Definitely, a worth to watch web series of this year.

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