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Web Series Review: Ramy on Prime Video/Hulu

GenreComedy Drama
TNS Score90.66
PlatformPrime Video
CastRamy Youssef, Mohammed Amer, and Hiam Abbass
CreatorRamy Youssef


The story revolves around Ramy, who is wavering somewhere between the rigidity of his religion and the flexibility of his surroundings. Born and brought up surrounded by the loose ends of the western culture that juxtaposes with the tightly tied ends of his religion at home. What we see is a millennial, struggling to define his moral conduct.


In this story of Ramy and his moral confusions, we can almost see the ambiguities of youth at large. It’s written very well, especially as it surfaces the deeper conflict between what’s right and wrong with comedy and sarcasm. Ramy’s family comes from Egypt and lives in the tight sphere of Muslim community in America.

The narrative, beautifully tells how complicated this situation is for Ramy and other people of his generation. Brought up in the much-liberated American society, they still have to live by and follow the rules of their own community. It’s almost funny to imagine being surrounded by everything you’re forbidden to indulge in. This series depicts this problematic situation Ramy finds himself in.


With a brilliantly written narrative, the direction does all the justice to the show and its theme. The specific scenes in which Ramy is seen in conversation with his two friends, Mo and Ahmed, are very well directed. We see a fine layer of sarcasm not just in their speech but also in the depiction on the screen. The time of Ramadan has also been shown and depicted with equal sensitivity and humour.

The show specifically talks about a very precise section of the American society, who’re confused about their personal beliefs and culture, because what they see and do is the opposite of what they’re taught and told. The scene in which Ramy goes to Egypt to sort his dilemmas, is so humorously displayed. It’s almost as if all the relevant stereotypes are being depicted, what happens when a relative from the developed nation comes to the homeland which is still in the process of development.  


Ramy Youssef has done a great work playing the character of Ramy Hassan. He has rightly encapsulated the ambiguities and complexities of this character. Hiam Abbass has characterised Maysa Hassan with all the motherly rigidities and concerns.

Mohammed Amer’s character of Mo, is so relevant to the show, as he plays the part of that overtly excited and spoilt friend. In contradiction to Dave Merheje’s character of Ahmed, that friend who’s overtly sensitive and is an extraordinarily good human. All the characters have done a brilliant job and complimented each other’s skill in the show.


It’s humorous, entertaining, descriptive and representative of a marginalised section of the American society. It’s certainly worth your time, as it’ll keep you hooked till the end. You cannot miss watching the show for several reasons and Ramy’s greatest confusion of the century, being one. Watch the show right now!

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