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Web Series Review: Unbelievable on Netflix

GenreLimited Series Based on A True Story
TNS Score92.33
No. of Episodes8
No. of Seasons1
Original NetworkNetflix
CastToni Collette, Merritt Wever, and Kaitlyn Dever
CreatorSusannah Grant, Ayelet Waldman, and Michael Chabon


The story revolves around a series of rape cases that baffle the investigating officers, Detective Karen Duvall and Detective Grace Rasmussen. The crime scenes are left with no evidence, but the conduct is similar in each case. The series traces the path of a serial rapist in parallel to the story of Marie, a teenager, who’s also a victim but denied justice.


The intricacies of the plot have been laid out very well. Along with the narrative that talks about the chase, Marie’s narrative is also being told. She is one of the first victims and is denied justice due to the coercive nature of investigations and lack of empathy in the respective investigator.

After a long drive full of suspense, we’re finally given a great wrap-up. All the layers of the story are woven brilliantly well, in the end. An extra point to the writer, for a smooth conclusion.


Because of the gravity of the plot, the direction played an important role in making the audience feel its seriousness through the milieu created. The writer can only do justice to the show in theory, but the director has to bring it on the screen, and in this case, the director has done great work.


The scenes in which the crime is being committed, have been shown in flashes but with so much precision that we can almost imagine what the victims might’ve gone through. The scenes where flashes of the beach, that are shown out of Marie’s memory, depict the mind-space she’s in and it’s been portrayed beautifully by the virtue of a great direction.


Kaitlyn Dever has done a great job in the performance of her character of Marie Adler. She has portrayed the ambiguities and complexities of this character, beautifully on screen. In the scenes in which she’s seen conversing with the investigators, she brings out the complexities of a teenage mind under pressure and coercion. Merritt Wever and Toni Collette are seen as a great team of detectives, working to get justice to the victims of the gruesome crime.

What other detectives fail to understand and empathize with, these two detectives work relentlessly to make sure that the number of women who’ve gone through this, does not increase. Every scene where we see them brainstorming is absolutely amazing. Their characters sync in a great proportion, on screen.


Former United States President Barack Obama named Unbelievable among his favorite films and television series of 2019. In his annual list of favorite films, which he released on Twitter on December 29, 2019, he added a small addendum with the title, “and a quick list of TV shows that I considered as powerful as movies: Fleabag: Season 2Unbelievable, and Watchmen.

Unbelievable won the Peabody award in the entertainment category. The Series was also nominated for the Primetime Emmy award for an outstanding limited series this year.


As a whole, this series is a complete package in terms of direction, screenplay, performance, and impact left on the audience. You cannot miss watching it for multiple reasons, a brilliant casting being one of them. The plot is very engaging and it will keep you intrigued till the end. It’s certainly worth your while. So, watch it instantly!

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