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Web Series Review: Undone on Prime Video

GenreAnimated Psychological Thriller
TNS Score90
PlatformPrime Video
CastRosa Salazar, Angelique Cabral, and Constance Marie
CreatorRaphael Bob-Waksberg, and Kate Purdy


The story revolves around Alma and her monotonous life to start with. After getting into a fight with her sister, she meets with an accident and things start becoming weirdly interesting. After waking up from the coma, she starts seeing her dead father, who tells her about the gift that she has which enables her to travel in time. While the rest of the real world thinks of her to be schizophrenic, Alma takes it upon herself to travel back in time when her father died, to save him from dying. How deep has the trauma got her or is it really a gift, that she’s got from her indigenous ancestors?  


The story has been written brilliantly well, it poses a lot of questions and unfolds the answers just in time. But as the title suggests, there are some major things that remain ‘undone.’ The multiple narratives that get together to form one major narrative of Alma, have been intricately woven together despite their elemental diversity.

It’s like an amalgamation of the modern world, science and indigenous culture, and belief. As a whole, it comes out to be a complete package. It’s an animated series, and this seems much more than just a creative drive. It is animated, complements the complex narrative that unfolds, thus making it easier and much more entertaining to understand.


The direction is brilliant, it weaves the story in an animated representation with an accurate perspective. The idea of time travel is anyway very utopian and hard to understand, the presentation, thus, has to be so clean and smooth that it doesn’t end up becoming an incoherent mess.

It’s because of a wonderful direction only that they’ve been able to balance on this thin line of coherence. Alma is seen moving back and forth in time, especially in the beginning when she recently learns about this ability of hers. That’s when things could get a little messy, but a good direction saved it from hampering the impact.


Though an animated series, the animation is done of real-life actors, playing their respective characters. Rosa Salazar has done a great job playing Alma. She’s been able to present on-screen the dilemmas and ambiguities of this character, very neatly.

Bob Odenkirk’s character of Jacob (Alma’s father) has also been played brilliantly well. One can understand the lifelike animation especially through Bob’s smirk, something that compliments his acting, always. Siddharth Dhananjay, Constance Marie, Angelique Cabral, etc. have done great work as well.


The series deserves a critical acclamation, it’s a complete package. It’s entertaining and intelligent, it will certainly make you think. Especially with the brilliance of animated aspect, direction, screenplay, performance, and writing, you cannot miss watching the series. It’s short and crisp. But the ending will certainly leave you ‘undone.’ Going with the theme, leaves a very big loose end but is successful in making us well familiarised with the concept. You won’t be able to contain yourself till the second season, that’s certain, but you still can’t miss watching the first season.

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